Termite Shelter Tubes

    The month of April is when termites swarm. This ONLY happens in the month of April. This activity typically happens when the temperature is over 80 degrees and usually AFTER a rain when the humidity is up. Curiously, this is usually the SECOND day AFTER a rainy, humid day. All of these factors must fall into perfect alignment in order to trigger the swarm.

    What is a swarm ?  A termite swarm is when the termite colony gets large enough that the colony must split. The "swarmers"  are winged alates (Uh lat tees) and often are mistaken for "flying ants."  The swarm ONLY happens when the colony has been active for at least 4 years.  

   Often people will come home in the afternoon and find the window sill full of "flying ants". Uh...NO. These are termite swarmers. The colony has been INSIDE your home for at least 4 years at this point...eating on your home. Once the above weather triggers are met, the winged reproductives emerge through the tiniest cracks and come out. They go toward the light, which is your window ,and are stopped there. This is where you find them in the afternoons. They're weak flyers and the wings come off rather easily. It is said that out of all the hundreds of swarmers, at least one male and one female will make it outdoors, somehow, someway, to start a new colony. This is the new King and Queen. And the cycle starts all over again.....

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