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RK Predator Plus
RK Predator Plus

Horse Base and Meat/Cheese Very Limited

Developed by Rich Kaspar, the Improved Nelson Formula is based off the famous bobcat meat based formula first developed by the late Bill Nelson of Iowa.  In December 2016, Casey Rayls bought the entire RK line of lures and baits from Kaspar and was trained in making Predator Plus Bait.

The Improved Nelson Formula causes predators to try to dig the bait out of the hole, thus stepping more on your trap pattern. Go back 2, 3, 6 months later and look at your bait hole…you’ll see they’ve been working it thru all types of weather and it will look like a grenade went off!

Choose between 1 pint $14 + $10 shpping or 1 Gallon $85+ $15 shipping

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The Business Man Trapper
The Business Man Trapper

Trapping as a Business in the 21st Century
by Casey Rayls

A textbook sized guide to starting and running your own nuisance wildlife control service. Never work for someone else again !  Casey Rayls, ‘The BeastMaster,’ has been a nuisance control trapper full time since 1993.  As a former USDA-Wildlife Specialist, he has the business as well as field experience in trapping as a business.
Chapters such as pricing jobs, advertising, ADC control work vs. nuisance work, the advantages of being incorporated and much more. BONUS chapter with coyote legend Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Wendt of Indiana.
Professionally written and indexed. 8 ½ x 11 inches. Full color. 18 chapters. 17 color photos. 97 pages. 

$80 plus $15 shipping

Price: $80.00