Indiana Office: 812-438-BUGS (2847)                              Cincinnati/N. Kentucky Office: 1-855-252-4328

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Phone answered by a LICENSED pest control operator, either Casey or Missy Rayls (owners). You do NOT have to press 1 for English nor will you talk to an 20 yr. old Desk Dummy at her first job.


Indiana Office (Rising Sun, IN)  812-438-BUGS (2847)
Cincinnati and N. Kentucky Office: 1-855-252-4328

Phone Hours: Monday-Thursday 8A-6P
Friday: 8A-3P (or later)
Saturday By Chance 
(typically closed to be with family and rest !)
Sunday & Holidays Closed

Service Hours: Typically the same as Phone Hours above, however, we work for you. Just ask about other hours.  Sat. morning service available with advance appointment request.

Emergency Service: If the animal is not inside your living area, it is not an emergency. The animal will not tear thru your wall no matter what it sounds like in the attic.  An animal inside your garage is not a true emergency at 3AM, just open the door.  

We used to provide 24-7 emergency service, but found that most 3AM calls were not true emergencies and that there are a lot of weirdoes high on drugs imagining things in the night. Sorry.