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FAQs About a Termite Treatment

How Much Does a Termite Treatment Cost ?   My grandma has her house sprayed monthly for about $40.00
A full, liquid sub-soil termite treatment is a cost most people only have to bear once or twice in their lives, not monthly. A full termite treatment will last years and costs more than your grandma's general pest treatment. Most people spend from $800-$1,500 on a full termite treatment. Large homes can be more of course.

If you live in your home for 20 yrs, a $1,000 treatment divided by 20 yrs. =  $50/yr. or $4.17/month. You can't buy ANY type of insurance that cheaply !   Isn't your castle worth that kind of protection ?

How Long Does it Take to Treat My House ?  Do I Have to Leave ?
A full liquid sub-soil treatment takes the better part of a day. It is not walking around your house with our silver, one gallon can "spraying for termites" like so many people believe. There's much more to it than that. We block out a whole day for your personalized treatment. We find most treatments take 6-10 hrs. If we run into trouble, we'll come back the very next day and finish up.  No, you don't have to leave your home, there's no odor and we won't be inside very much, if at all.

Will You Have to Drill My Concrete ?
Some homes, yes, we drill thru concrete in order to inject the termiticide into the soil where termites are living and travelling. Other homes, we do very little drilling. This is why we must come and do an inspection on each home. Not everyone's situation is the same. Application methods and state rules often state that the termiticide must go into the soil as per the label directions. In most states, the label of the chemical used is the state law regarding that pesticide's use. We will follow the law. Period.

Is The Termite Poison Safe for My Kids and Pets?
We only use termiticides (you call it "poison") that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of the Indiana State Chemist, headquartered at Purdue University. We are not allowed, by law, to use any other product or "poison" for termites. The termiticide is injected below ground, so, there is a very slim chance that humans or pets will come into contact with it. We work around it almost daily and we're still here after 19 years in business !

Will The Treatment Stink Up My House ?
No, our termiticides have very little to zero odor. In 95% of the cases, we will not apply termiticide inside your home anyway.

How Long Does The Treatment Last ?
This depends on what termiticide/brand you choose for us to use. We offer Termidor (active ingredient Fipronil) and an Imidicloprid based termiticide, which, since it's now gone "generic" goes by many different brand names.  Some university studies show the above two termiticides lasting 10-20 years in the soil. Thus, many homeowners only have to have their homes treated once in a lifetime-not annually as most people think.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?  
Yes. We offer a free one year warranty with every termite job we perform. You get this automatically, there is no additional paper work or hassle. If you have a termite issue within the first year, call us, we'll make it right. No Hassles. Period.

* If you like, we will come back annually after the first year as an "extended warranty, for a fee, to do a check- up on your home to make sure no termites have gotten past the treated areas.

Do You Offer an Annual Warranty Plan and Check Up ?   Will You Come Back ?
Yes. Probably 85% of our customers choose to take our "extended warranty" plan. With this plan, we come back annually to check your home for signs of termite activity. If, by the slim chance, that termites have by-passed our treated zone, we will retreat as necessary at no additional cost to you, provided your warranty is paid up and in good standing.

How Much Does The Annual Warranty Plan Cost ?
This depends on many factors. Some smaller, simple homes are as little as $100 per year for a protection plan while others are up to $300.  Around $200 per year is a good, all around ball-park figure.

Do You Do Inspections for Real Estate Transactions or V.A. Loans?
Yes we do. We are state licensed and certified for Wood Destroying Insect Inspections. (W.D.I.)  We took our wood destroying organism (you call it just termites) training at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  We use the same national form, NPMA 33, that all termite inspectors are supposed to use. This is the form that Realtors, the V.A. and bank loan officers want when completing your real estate transaction, loan or refinancing options.

Do You Install Termite Bait Stations, Those Round Canisters in The Ground Around My Home ?
In certain situations termite bait stations are a good solution to a termite problem. We are bound by state laws and in some cases, bait stations are the best solution. Over-all, we try to not use them if we can. We prefer injecting a liquid termiticide into the soil in order to immediately get the termiticide to the termite colony and wipe them out as fast as possible. Termite bait stations take longer (months) to wipe out a colony and we have seen instances where termites simply did not find or use the bait stations which contain a termite "poison."  I tried one brand at my home and it was 3 months before the colony started to collapse. Casey Rayls-owner-BeastMaster Pest Services Inc.